Internet and downsides ..









Andy grove , the founder of Intel said that the only thing that

the microprocessor ever did was make thing go fast and he was truly true …

technology is absolutely wonderful for a lots of things but the only thing that the internet make it wrong is and terrible for creating human connections.

you cannot make trust through the internet.

and there’s something called a mirror-neuron which they’ve recently discovered .

that is one of the things that contributes to how people relate to each other and how we empathize it’s the feeling you get.

it’s the same part of the brain that lights up —

they these pictures they did MRIs.. it gave people a picture of someone smiling and then in our own brain ,when we see someone smiling, the same part of the brain lights up when we smile,

it’s what creates empathy and it is necessary to create trust

again this very human bond

when I am looking to a video about my brother news I can’t get a good gut feeling over a video

or let’s talk why once a year 20000 bloggers descend on Las vegas for big huge convention ?

why didn’t they do it online ?

It’s because nothing replace human contact .

it’s the difference between the lead and the authority..

the friend is not just what he or she wrote on status

your conversation does not happen on a blog and you can’t have a discussion on twitter

these are human experiences and we need them we need to learn from each other ideas and values, beliefs…

and we can’t simply do it through the internet

these mirror neurons don’t lights up when we’re sending a text or receiving a I.M messages

what I imagine is the day in which we start to have more human interaction , something requires the handshaking

trust is human , it’s about human interaction it’s about real conversations..

what we need is more handshake conversation, discussion, debate, leadership, friends…

if we don’t we will not find our sense of fulfillment and inspiration,,

it requires being among people who believe what we believe.


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