Confirm ALL Friend Requests only 4 steps


Facebook is growing and so is the about of connections we are making. It happens a lot of time that when people join facebook that they get a lot of friend requests. Its highly suggested that you make friends with only the people you know.

So when you get a lot of friend requests and find it boring to click confirm on each one of them. Then just create this bookmarklet and use it to confirm all friend requests with just 1 click. Simple!

watch this video for more

1-go to this link : 
2-scroll down all the pending requests eliminate those u dislike
3-right click>inspect element>click console or last option or (crt+shift+j in chrome ),(crt+shift+k in mozila )
4-paste the following code hit enter and done.

javascript: var field = document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]");for (i = 0; i < field.length; i++)field[i].click() ;

Confirm Requests

PS: Its unsafe to accept unknown friend requests on facebook as a lot of your private information which you wish only your close friends should know becomes accessible to all your facebook friends. This includes messages, contacts, personal pictures etc.


Please feel free to post a comment if you find any difficulty in using the code.
Feel free to share the information and help others.

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