the smart1

hello guys am looking for who care

about media programs or audio visual such as : macromedia ,MMB,Photoshop ,autorun auto play and other designer

am so exited about this and I am just a beginner

^_^so I make this page to know exactly my mistaks and look for new ideas from ya..

I have started with MMB and java scripts .

I created a video & mp3 player

please try it out and tell me your opinion about it ,, Ireally need that

and this is a simple puzzle game

I found it in mmb samples

 download  or from here

and I made this small simple game using java ide eclipse with two classes have a look on it !


get it from here

and there are a lot of work in mmb and java now I am looking for your support or addition to this page or in my facbook page MounirTube

thank you


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